Individualized approach to every case with the appropriate treatment.


In ANTONELLIS DENTAL SPECIALISTS clinic, based in Chalandri, we aim to efficiently address every dental concern. The dentist Antonellis Prokopios DDS, MS and his team follow an individualized approach and apply the most appropriate interventions for each case.

  • Dental Implants
  • Bone Grafts and Guided Bone Regeneration’Dental extractions – Complete Dentures – Teeth in a Day – All-on-X
  • Full Mouth Reconstruction – Dental Crowns – Bridges
  • Fillings and Ceramic Onlays
  • Digital Smile Design
  • Aesthetics – Cosmetic Dentistry – Porcelain Veneers
  • Whitening / Bleaching
  • Gum Inflammation/Gingivitis Treatment – Dental Cleaning/Scaling
  • Treatment for Periodontitis
  • Apnea Splints
  • Bruxism Splints
  • Athletic Splints

Dental extractions - Complete Dentures - Teeth in a Day - All-on-X

All dental extractions are performed in a gentle and painless way in our clinic. Post- surgical rehabilitation guidelines are provided in a verbal and written form and cover all cases and queries. In case of a complication, you can reach us via the phone for the resolution of any problem.

Our clinic specializes in the fabrication of complete dentures (removable), either for patients who have been using dentures already, or for patients to whom all teeth are about to be extracted. In any case, we only use the major premium brands of dental materials in order for the prostheses to look as natural a possible…

If you are concerned about the loss of all your teeth and the traumatic stage of using a complete denture as an interim or definitive prosthesis, protocols such as Teeth-In-A-Day & All-on-X offer the best solution.The purpose of these protocols is to deliver an fixed bridge on dental implants the same day or the next day after their placement session. Thus, from both a psychological and a functional point of view, the patient does not experience the problematic stage of the complete denture and passes directly to a fixed temporary bridge. Visit us to learn more about the many benefits of these protocols, which have become a routine treatment

Full Mouth Reconstruction - Dental Cases - Bridges

When natural teeth have been significantly weakened from a mechanical point of view due to endodontic therapies, fractures, etc., or when we desire extensive tooth shape changes or the coverage of heavily stained teeth, the Prosthodontist is the dental specialist who can most predictably reconstruct the dentition with all-ceramic restorations. The same applies when, for various reasons, placing an implant to replace a natural tooth that has been extracted is not possible and the fabrication of a bridge is required.

It is often the case that natural teeth have been worn down to such an extent that a complete reconstruction of the dental arch is required with a combination of crowns, bridges, implants, etc. The same applies to cases where, over the years, crowns and bridges have been manufactured from time to time without a comprehensive design. What is particularly noticeable in ages 45-65 is the gradual accumulation of dental work (crowns, extensive fillings, root canal treatments) which, due to a lack of a co- ordinated design from the start, are now beginning to collapse. The solution is the Full Mouth Reconstruction after a thorough diagnostic analysis of the patient’s dental condition.

Fillings and Ceramic Onlays

It is striking that even simple reconstructive procedures, such as fillings, can lead to problems if proper diagnosis and proper treatment coordination is not provided. Dental fillings are sometimes performed in cases that exceed in terms of mechanical strength the properties of the materials used for the fillings (usually resins, amalgam, etc). As a result, natural teeth are often led to fractures that may be catastrophic and impossible to repair. Restorations such as ceramic onlays are often the solution in such situations, ensuring superior aesthetics and longevity.

Digital Smile Design

Digital technology has given us, for years, the ability to design changes in the shape and size of the anterior teeth digitally, and to see immediately how these apply to the patient’s face. This is done a-traumatically, painlessly and reversibly, without any intervention to the patient’s teeth.The digital design can also be transported with resin for a trial in the patient’s mouth, which is not bonded and can easily and painlessly be removed at the end of the session.

Aesthetics - Cosmetic Dentistry - Porcelain Veneers

Ceramic veneers have been the top treatment protocol for decades when patients wish to revitalize their smile. Worn down and broken teeth, improvements in shape, position, and tooth color as well as interdental gap closure are some of the reasons many patients choose a treatment plan with bonded porcelain veneers. This protocol is the most conservative plan of reconstructive and aesthetic / cosmetic intervention, preserving as much tooth structure as possible, grinding the teeth from very little to not at all. The right design by a Prosthodontist and the choice of the most elegant and durable materials, for instance ceramic materials as opposed to resins, are the key factors in the successful outcome of these therapies.

Whitening / Bleaching

Various products are currently available for dental whitening. These include systems with personalized transparent “trays” and bleach gel for home application and bleaching systems in the clinic. Visit us to learn about the capabilities and limitations of the various materials and to see if you are a suitable candidate for whitening and which protocol is best for your case.

Bruxism Splints

A bruxism or stabilization splint is a case-specific splint that applies to patients who clench and grind their teeth during sleep, or have a history of pain and dysfunction from the temporo-mandibular joints (TMJ), or have completed a full mouth reconstruction with crowns, bridges, implants and porcelain veneers. The construction material of bruxism splints is usually transparent acrylic resin. The tooth contacts on the splint are adjusted to provide proper jaw guidance when moving sideways and forwards. These high-grade splints not only protect the dentition from harmful habits but also support the temporo-mandibular joints and relax the muscles of mastication.

Athletic Splints

The term “mouthguard” is commonly used to describe a multitude of splints, from simple stock, over-the-counter athletic splints, to more customized ones, highly personalized to fit individually each patient. They are usually loose-fitting splints, made either for the upper or for the lower jaw, in order to protect the teeth from trauma and absorb the impact forces with their elasticity. There is evidence that these soft splints help prevent concussions related to sports and jaw or head injuries.

Apnea Splints

In cases of mild sleep apnea, a sleep apnea splint is a good solution.These splints position the lower jaw and tongue forward during sleep, thus opening the airway and facilitating breathing.

Current research supports the use of apnea splints in cases of low or moderate sleep apnea. If you have sleep apnea and cannot tolerate a CPAP device, visit us to discuss these treatment options.


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